Tips to purchase air purifier

Tips to purchase air purifier

When it comes to your loved ones, none of us want to compromise with their health. There are many types of air purifiers in the market and it often confuses the customer which one to buy. With so many options and so many fraud companies all over the market, customers are manipulated to buy air purifiers which are not worth. It has been acknowledged that before purchase of an air purifier a consumer must look before in the market to buy most efficient air purifiers or at least buy a product worth its value.

Tips to purchase air purifier

Over the years air pollution has been a major concern of premature deaths and has adversely affected the population of the whole world. Several health councils such as WHO has taken the first step to make people aware of the affects and causes of air pollution. Air purifier, as the name indicates the core functioning of air purifiers are to remove odors, pollutants, spores etc from indoor environment and if you have any asthma patient in your house or any elder member then it is time for you to consider best air purifier for smoke in your house, to save your loved ones from drastic affects of the smoke or pollution.

Types of air Purifiers:


There are several types of purifiers available in the market and you can easily choose the best air purifier for yourself depending upon their functions and efficiency. We are providing you a list of types of air purifier to assist you in choosing the best for your house.

  1. HEPA Filtration: HEPA is an abbreviation for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Development of this technology started during WWII to protect soldiers from harmful chemicals and gases.
  1. Adsorbent Purifiers: No, it is not absorption, it is adsorption. Adsorbent air purifiers often use activated carbon to trap pollutants from the air. Same technology has been used in gas masks over the years to protect people from gases present in surroundings.
  1. Ionic Filters: Ionic filters are the most expensive type of filters in the market. When air enters the chambers of these filters, pollutants in the air get electronically charged by high voltage current and get trapped on the exiting site of these filters by electronically charged plates. These filters are usually not considered for small rooms or houses as they are believed to release ground level Ozone which can adverse your health conditions.
  1. Ultraviolet Filters: If you have patients who have allergy or respiratory difficulties, then you must look forward to Ultraviolet purifiers to install in your house. These purifiers kill the bacteria once they pass through the purifier. These kinds of air purifiers are mostly used in hospitals as they are very effective in removing the germs and bacteria from the air.
  1. Electronic Filters: The most common example of these types of filters are ion generators air purifiers. These are installed into the ductwork. These air purifiers have the capability to clean maximum air, as through duct they can cover more area of your house. These types of air purifiers are best suitable for house and small rooms. They often come as an integral part of your cooling and heating technologies, so you must prefer them as they are multi-functional.


Many types of allergens, molds or several other kinds of bacteria could be present in your home environment at very present moment and somebody has to show some accountability against the air pollution. Depending on your needs you can chose the best air purifier for your house. There are large varieties of air purifiers available in the market.