Guide to help you purchase an air purifier

Guide to help you purchase an air purifier.

Your dream house search is about to finish, you want to move in ASAP and out of nowhere you find yourself covered with awful odor, surrounding your house .What can you do get relief from this awful smell, is there any chance of presence of any other substance in the house which could be hazardous? These are the few of many questions which will come to your mind after you find that odor.

Guide to help you purchase an air purifier

Tight seals which are the reason behind making your house energy efficient and comfortable are also the reason for cause of indoor air pollution. Usually, there is no proper air ventilation left and it degrades the quality of indoor air each passing day. Few pollutants like mold spores, bacteria and virus can lead to very unsound environment to live, and trust me you do not need them in your house.

The best and most efficient way to eliminate these gases and pollutants from the root is to buy an air purifier for your house. Air purifiers are specially designed to make maximum air pass through them so that every outside particle in air gets trapped and the air could be made free from any kinds of pollutants. There are varieties of air purifiers are available in the market and each performs in separate ways depending on the techniques used by purifiers. While some may be effective in removing odors while some may eliminate even minute size particles from the indoor air.

Tips to buy an air purifier:

As discussed above, every purifier is sufficient in its own way and it might be a chance for you to get your priorities straight so that you can buy the most efficient and proper air purifier which you find appropriate. Below mentioned key points will assist you purchase of a better air purifier for your house:

  • Technology Used: You must go through the filtration technology used by the air purifiers to give you an image in regards of efficiency of the purifier. Some purifiers use multi-stage filtration for better purification of air.
  • Coverage area: In most of the air purifier it is mentioned about the area covered by them for purification, make sure it is greater than the room you desired it use for so that you can have better efficiency.
  • Energy Star Rating: These are the ratings given to an electronic device after carefully observation of the device in regards of its electricity consumption. More the stars less will be the electricity consumption of the device.
  • Byproduct generation: Several air purifying techniques often leads to generation of several harmful gases such as ground-level Ozone as their byproduct, chronic reparatory problems, cancer, skin allergies are few of the illustrations of the illness or diseases which are caused due to exposure to these pollutants
  • Reputation of Manufacturer: There are many rumors about few of the companies regarding their air purifiers. These rumors have raised questions among the customer such as whom to trust? To avoid these situations, it is always preferred to look for reputed manufacture while you purchase an air purifier.
  • Noise production level: Nobody wants to get disturbed while sleeping. There are purifiers in the market which can ruin your dreams with annoying sound, their fan produces while filtering the air. It is preferred to look for the air purifier with automatic fan adjustments as they are tend to lower the sound of the fan while air inside your house is sufficiently clean.


So I hope, that you will carefully look for above mentioned advices while going for the purchase of an air purifier, as it can save you from a lot of trouble, they will help you narrow down your requirements. There are several companies in the market and it depends totally on your decision whether you want efficiency or want to go with false statements of the fake companies.